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a super smart team boosting your business profits

We don't throw around the word 'smart' lightly - it defines everything we do.
Our powerhouse team of smart minds is here to help smart business entrepreneurs like you thrive and reap greater financial rewards.
With expert knowledge in business, technology, and finance, we play to our strengths: to drive growth and future-proof your business.
Count on us to navigate the ins and outs of the top accounting programs on the market, seamlessly collaborating with your preferred system.



At the head of Incisive is Yasar Khan. 

Yasar has a solid background with Deloitte as a Chartered Accountant and as a Finance Director for blue-chip companies such as DHL, PepsiCo and Novell. Throughout his career, Yasar has developed world-class finance teams and been key to the growth of businesses from Start-Ups to SMEs and Corporates. 

What makes Yasar different? 
A perfect blend of leading edge finance expertise and decades managing and running other commercial businesses. Yasar has a keen eye for identifying opportunities for his clients which will be aligned with their commercial goals and ambitions.

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