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Workplace Wellness: Providing Health Checks and Eye Tests for Employees

There is a greater focus on Health and Wellbeing more so than ever following the Covid 19 pandemic. Providing health checks and eye tests to employees without incurring a direct benefit on the employee is a practice gaining momentum in the modern workplace. The cost of these is not a chargeable benefit to your employees and as such must be covered by you as the employer.

While the primary goal of such initiatives is to promote employee well-being and productivity, they also hold other distinct advantages for employers. Let's explore this concept in more detail.

Many employers ask us whether the cost of things such as eye tests should incur a benefit on the employee. The answer is no. HMRC guidelines confirm 'From 6 April 2009, the exemption described above applies to:

  • no more than one health-screening assessment in any tax year

  • no more than one medical check-up in any tax year.'

Promoting Employee Wellness

Employers who offer health checks and eye tests to their employees, demonstrate a genuine concern for their well-being. Regular health assessments or eye checkups help identify potential health issues early, allowing employees to take preventative measures. In the case of eye tests, early detection of vision problems can significantly improve the quality of life for employees, reducing the risk of headaches, eye strain, and other related issues.

Enhanced Productivity

Good health, including optimal vision, can directly impact an employee's ability to perform their job effectively. Employees with healthy eyes are less likely to make mistakes due to poor vision, leading to increased productivity and improved job performance.

Reducing Costs

By offering health checks and eye tests, employers may detect health issues at an earlier stage, reducing the cost of healthcare and treatment in the long run. It's a win-win situation where you can save on healthcare expenses, and your employees enjoy a healthier life.

Offering a benefit

Employers can design benefits packages that suit their specific workforce. This can include offering health checks and eye tests to employees who may benefit most from them, such as those who work extensively with computer screens or those in roles that require good eyesight. HMRC note that 'the exemption also applies where an employer provides a non-cash voucher or credit-token for the employee to use in order to obtain a health-screening assessment or medical check-up.'


Incorporating health checks and eye tests into benefits packages demonstrates a company's commitment to a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

Our advice? Invest in your employees and you will be investing in their long-term health and that of your business too.


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