What is Making Tax Digital?

The Government wishes to get rid of the annual tax return that so many of us loathe and Making Tax Digital is a key part of that initiative. It aims to modernise the system and help businesses and the self employed keep on top of their tax affairs.

In April 2019 you will be obligated to make use of HMRC's online services if you are VAT registered. However, the system will roll out and we believe now is a great time to prepare yourself and your business.

How can we help?

Moving forward we will no longer be able to work for businesses who provide their "books" in any other format than digitally. So it is as important for us as it if for you to help you move over to digital book-keeping as soon as possible.

This means helping you to set up a simple online book-keeping and record-keeping system. You will benefit from streamlining your accounts - no longer will you have piles of receipts and invoices to be processed once a year. All of your supporting documents will be held digitally, your bank account can be fed directly into your book-keeping system and you will be able to see at a glance all of your business' financial status - your bank balance, who you owe, who owes you!

We have formulated a strategic "onboarding" service to streamline and simplify your move to digital book-keeping. Our team will help you set up your systems and train you to manage them yourselves.  However the setup does not stop there. Even after we are happy that you are confidently and regularly using your new systems you will have access to telephone support for that extra bit of comfort.

Make a start now!

Just give us a cal on 020 8434 7000 or email the head of the Software Transition team, alasdair@incisive-accounting.co.uk  and we will be delighted to chat through your requirements