14 Mar


Autumn Budget Disappointment

Tuesday's Autumn budget was a disappointment, unless you are a first time property buyer.  The chancellor preferred to adopt a low risk strategy rather than really address some of the key issues.  What struck me was the fact that the budget does almost nothing to deal with growth: the OBR’s forec

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Buy-to-Let Confusion

The buy-to-let world has been bombarded with change this year with the removal of the 45% relief on mortgage interest costs and removal of the 10% allowance for ‘wear and tear’ on furnished properties being just a few examples. 

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Changes to Tax Relief for Residential Landlords; What to do now?

Until April this year landlords could offset their mortgage costs against their profits by claiming tax relief on their mortgage interest.  From April this year the tax relief that residential landlords receive has changed; over the next four years finance costs will be restricted to the basic ra

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Retirement, Family Shareholders and Profit Extraction.

If you’re considering retiring from your company and wish to pass it down to the next generation whilst making profit on your shares, just how should you go about this?

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